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Optimization of foam generation

Motivation In foam-laid forming the properties of the foam are crucial for optimal process performance…
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Optimization of the enzyme harvesting

Motivation Enzymes produced by Trichoderma fungi are harvested by precipitation or flash crystallization from the…
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Monitoring fungi cultivation

Motivation In bioprocesses the morphology of fungi culture is crucial for the enzyme production efficiency.…
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Optimization of gas dispersion in delignification

Motivation Oxygen delignification is used in pulp mills for lignin removal. The quality of oxygen…
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Pixact at XXXI ISSCT congress in Hyderabad, India

Markus Honkanen and Hannu Eloranta participated the XXXI ISSCT congress in Hyderabad, India on 20th-23th…
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Pixact at IMPS 2022

Pixact participated International Munich Paper Symposium in May 23 – 25, 2022. IMPS is the…