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Optimization of droplet size and purity


Catalyst particles are produced in a liquid-liquid process. The characteristics of the formed droplets are reflected in the quality of the final product. A method for analyzing droplet properties in real process conditions would be highly valuable for process development and optimization purposes.


A Pixact Droplet Monitoring (PDM) system is installed on a catalyst reactor equipped with DN65 side inlet. The standard droplet analysis algorithm is complemented with extra analysis features providing information on droplet purity.


Real-time information on the droplet size distribution and purity is used to control the mixing and surfactant dosage of the process to improve end product homogeneity.

Process parameters

Dispersion Liquid-liquid + surfactant
Size distribution 20…200µm
Concentration  10-30 %
Temperature < 80°C
Pressure 6 Bar
Other remarks ATEX-certified system