New level of process optimization

Optimizing with accurate measurement data

With Pixact technology you can increase the yield and capacity of your process and minimize quality variations in the final product in both the laboratory and pilot scale, as well as production and mill scale.

R&D activities in Laboratory and Pilot scale

  • Understanding fundamental process phenomena and reaction mechanisms
  • Acquiring detailed measurement data supporting the development of new formulations, recipes, and processes
  • Analysis of manually collected samples
  • Using the same tools from the laboratory to pilot-scale streamlines in scale-up work
  • Producing detailed measurement data to optimize process parameters and control schemes
monitoring results with pixact measurement system

Production and Mill scale

  • Visual examination of the process suspension with a live camera view
  • Providing detailed, real-time measurement data for process control
  • Replacing manual sampling and analysis procedures in quality control
  • Analysing process variations with inline measurements
  • Documenting and reporting of the production quality
  • Benchmarking recipes, reactors, process lines, sites, etc. to promote Best Practice Methods
  • Providing means for troubleshooting
  • Collection a production database to help with troubleshooting in case of disturbances