Stock Impurities

Detect and analyze impurities and colors directly from the pulp suspension flow


Pulp quality control with Pixact Stock Monitoring

In pulp production and processing of recycled pulp various sources of impurities are present. For example, in bleached pulp uncooked components and in recycled pulp residues of ink and coating may impair the pulp quality.

The Pixact Stock Monitoring (PSM) technology is designed for the analysis of impurities and color of flowing pulp suspension. The PSM system is installed directly on the process line as a flow-through section. The system can be used with brown, bleached, and recycled stock. The data provided by PSM can be used to adjust process parameters to solve quality and runnability issues and, as a result, lower operating costs and avoid costly interruptions in production.


The system provides real-time measurement data without the need for preparing samples for analysis. Detected impurities include for example shives and other uncooked components, bark, soot, silica particles, rubber, resins, ink, and precipitated chemicals.

Measurement result produced by PSM  include
  • number of particles, i.e. impurities (e.g. pcs/m2 or pcs/kg)
  • size (d [mm] or A [mm2]), shape and color of each particle
  • particle classification and statistics for each class separately
  • pulp color

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