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Optimization of foam generation


In foam-laid forming the properties of the foam are crucial for optimal process performance and production quality. To prevent fiber flocculation, bubble size should be in a certain range compared to fiber size. Other important factors in the forming process are foam homogeneity and stability.


A Pixact Foam Monitoring (PFM) system is installed on a sample line from the headbox to measure the foam properties. The system is used to continuously measure bubble size distribution and bubble density.


With PFM, the customer can optimize the process parameters. The Sauter mean bubble size and bubble density can be used as control signals for surfactant dosage and other process parameters, such as mixing speed and air flow. Stable and small enough bubble size is achieved with the help of PFM.

Process parameters

Process  Foam forming of wood products
Bubble size distribution 20…1000µm
Solids concentration 45 w-%
Temperature 20-40°C
Pressure Atm