Analyze size, shape and even color directly in the process line or for manually collected samples

Analysis of industrial processes with Pixact Particle Monitoring

Particles are inherent in most industrial processes, either as final products or contaminants. The Pixact Particle Monitoring (PPM) technology is designed for the inline analysis of particle size and morphology. Examples of particles analysed with PPM include microparticles, granules, fibers, agglomerates and flocs. The PPM technology combines inline process microscopy with advanced image analysis techniques. ​The measurement results produced by PPM help you optimize, control, and troubleshoot your process efficiently. With PPM you can increase the yield and capacity of your process and minimize quality variations in the final product.


PPM provides a live camera view of the particle suspension and detailed real-time measurement data on particle characteristics, such as size distribution, morphology, and concentration.

Typically, hundreds of particles are detected in each image and this data is used to compute size and shape distributions and related statistics, such as percentiles of cumulative distribution (D10, D50, D90, etc.). The mean particle size can be calculated as arithmetic, area (Sauter) or volume weighted value.

Measurement results produced by PPM include
  • particle diameter (based on the circular equivalent area)
  • minor & major axis length
  • particle projection area
  • number of particles in the measurement volume

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