Superior performance in industrial process conditions

Custom solutions for effective optimization

Pixact measurement systems provide a multitude of beneficial features that help you control and optimize your process.

Key Features

  • High-quality inline microscopy images straight from the process
  • Detailed analysis (size, shape & color) and classification of detected particles and other dispersed phase elements
  • Measurement of particles starting from a few microns
  • Fully automated image analysis algorithms processing several images per second and producing real-time measurement data for process control
  • Flexible reporting tools (including Microsoft Excel reports) and comprehensive automation interface (OPC-UA, Profibus, mA, etc.)
  • Robust measurement concept for 24/7 inline measurements
  • Unique performance in dark and dense multi-phase suspensions
  • Low-maintenance design, no moving parts
  • Durable sapphire windows
  • Optional washing nozzle for optical windows
  • Extensions to low and high temperature applications