Pixact – A brighter picture of your process

Pixact Ltd. develops and supplies novel inline measurement technology based on optical imaging. Our mission is to provide new tools for the diagnostics of industrial processes involving particle-gas-liquid suspensions.

Measurement data generated by the Pixact technology enables a new level of process control and optimization and facilitates the streamlining of operations.

Company facts
  • Started in 2006 as a university spin-off motivated by industrial measurement needs
  • Core team comprises of professionals in process technology, optical measurements, image analysis and software solutions
  • Pixact offices and production is located in Tampere, Finland. Tampere is known for it’s strong optics and imaging ecosystem.

Global distribution

Our customers include both innovative SMEs and blue chip companies in all the industries served.
We have delivered hundreds of measurement systems, trials and campaigns in over 20 countries – and we are constantly finding new opportunities.

Our partners and distributors serve our customers locally around the world.

world map of pixact projects and distributors