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Monitoring fungi cultivation


In bioprocesses the morphology of fungi culture is crucial for the enzyme production efficiency. In the growing phase, extensive branching of the fungi takes place. For most species, agglomeration as a result of unfavorable process conditions is detrimental and should be avoided.


A Pixact Bioprocess Monitoring (PBM) system is installed to a bioreactor using an 25mm inlet on the reactor side wall. Image data produced by the system is used to analyze the morphology of the fungi culture in real time to observe branching and potential agglomeration of the culture. In addition, information of the gas dispesion is obtained.

Heavily pelletized culture
Branching culture in the growth phase
Early sings of unwanted agglomeration


With real-time image and numerical data from the process, the operator can follow the cultivation in real time and react on unwanted development in morphology.

Process parameters

Bioprocess type Trichoderma cultivation
Size distribution 20…300µm
Solids concentration Up to 30 w-%
Temperature 20-30°C
Pressure Atm
Other remarks FDA compatible