Expertise on every phase

We support our customers in the introduction of new measurement technology into their processes from the evaluation phase to the mill-scale roll-out.

Smooth installation & start-up

To guarantee a fast and efficient start-up and take-over of the Pixact measurement system, we provide comprehensive installation, start-up, and commissioning services.

Custom development services

We provide development services for customers that require custom measurement solutions. Depending on the customer’s needs, the hardware, software (user interface) and analysis modules can all be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Measurement services & equipment rental

Our measurement services are intended for pre-studies and short measurement campaigns either at the customer’s facilities or in the Pixact lab. The measurements are performed by Pixact expert engineers, and the results are reported to the customer.
Equipment rental is suitable for longer measurement campaigns carried out at the customer’s facilities. The service includes the installation and start-up of the rental equipment.

Comphrehensive after sales services

To promote the continuous operation of Pixact measurement systems, we offer several types of after sales services. Depending on the level of the services, the service package may include on-demand remote connection to the measurement system for support and troubleshooting, 24/7 remote monitoring of the system operation, regular service visits with replacement of critical system components, and fast delivery of critical spare parts.