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Mission: Installation of ten systems in China

Mission accomplished!

In 8 days, our Pixact experts Markus and Wei installed and commissioned 10 Pixact Crystallization Monitoring Systems (CMS) at the brand new Aodu Sugar factory in Baicheng city, Xinjiang province, China.

The CMS are installed on Seed Cooling Crystallizers (SCC), A, B & C seed pans, and on all A product pans. CMS provides important crystallization data e.g., Mean Aperture (MA), coefficient of variation (CV), amount of crystals of different fractions etc., with high accuracy to the control system.

Final installations and adjustments in the field.

Partnering with IPRO INDIA

Utilizing the online measurement data of our CMS units, our partner IPRO INDIA has developed a state-of-the-art man-less automation system.

Programming the analysis and user interface customization based on the customer needs.
Markus and Jaspreet from IPRO INDIA together with a sample from the first batch of fully automatically made premium white sugar at Aodu!


Benefits to the process

The combination of available data and visual observations of microscopic crystal images provided by CMS s has helped to:

💎 Optimize the pan operation to achieve narrow crystal size distribution
💎 Reduce sugar recirculation in the process
💎 Improve sugar quality
💎 Avoid unnecessary water additions to the pans helping in steam saving
💎 Shorten the pan strikes

All objectives were reached plus exceeded with a clear margin!

Mission accomplished!