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Paper machine white-water analysis


The properties and concentration of particles in paper machine white-water reflects several aspects of the process state and machine runnability.


A Pixact Particle Monitoring (PPM) system equipped with an automatic dilution station is installed on the paper machine to analyze particle populations in the white-water circulation. The analysis software is equipped with a particle classification module, which creates separate statistics for fines, stickies and fibers.


It has been observed that certain particle populations correlate well with machine runnability. This data can be used to predict the probability of breaks. The results can also be used to optimize and adjust chemical dosages.

Example measurement data (the concentration of >20µm particles) from paper machine white-water. The trend is over a period of 5 days.

Process parameters

Production process     Paper production
Particle size distribution 5…500µm
Solids concentration 1-5 w-%
Temperature 40°C
Pressure  1-2 Bar