Online Agglomeration Monitoring


The Pixact Agglomeration Monitoring system is designed for the online analysis of solid agglomeration and flocculation in a variety of industrial processes. The measurement is based on the direct optical imaging of a suspension combined with advanced image analysis. The IP68 protected equipment can be installed directly on the process line or a dedicated sampling line.


Images are processed with real-time image analysis for detailed information on the suspension. All particles and other dispersed phase elements are detected and analyzed. In a subsequent particle classification procedure, agglomerates are recognized on the basis of selected morphological parameters.



  • Online image preview with superior image quality for visual inspection
  • Accurate process control enabled by the real-time detection of agglomeration
  • Superior performance in dark and/or dense suspensions
  • Availability of customized analysis features
  • Flexible reporting tools and automation interfaces

Examples of applications


  • Early warning of agglomeration due to non-optimal process conditions
  • Flocculation analysis in water treatment
  • Flocculation analysis in filtration



Pixcell for installation on pipelines - available in DN6, DN25 and DN50


Pixscope for installation on reactors - available in DN50 and DN100


Other sizes and flange types on request, IP68 protected

Example of agglomerate detection

Data collection and communication


For communication with external systems, the Pixact measurement systems support a wide range of automation interfaces, including Profibus and analog I/O (mA/V).

Measurement range


The standard measurement range is 10 ┬Ám - 5 mm. The range can be extended using a comprehensive selection of Pixact imaging components.

The operator user interface



  • ATEX-certified version

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